Marinda Perez Pion Abgar xx(keur)
Irma la Douce
Willeke Amor (pref)
Z. Jopie (pref)
Indah Hindi NPA STB 88*25 ster;keur;prest;sport Ramano NRA STB 81*25 pref;prest.fok Ramzes x 3654 Pb
Anemone 61710 Hann
Chérie NPA 73 VB 20006 Kebir II ox A 164 pref;prest.fok
Galida 1232 NF
Marinda: Mare born October 6 1995
Mare with 4 European Champions in her bloodline
FATHER: Perez (Pion x Amor)
Pion has was winner of the KWPN/NHS competition of 1982/1983.
Abgar, the grandfather of Perez, is in the top 10 of delivering the best Jumping Horses for quite some years now.
In the motherline of Perez we find the Famous Preferent Stallion Amor who is in the top 10 of the Dutch Dressage Index and one generation back we find a Preferent Halfbreed Arabian mare Z-Jopie which was a daughter of Arabian Keur Stallion Saoud.
Perez has very interesting bloodlines combining Anglo-arabian blood (41%).
These almost guarantee a tough thoroughbred with sportquality.
Ster Prestatie Sport Keur Mare
Rare breeding mare who combines excellent bloodlines
International dressage successes and successful at horseshows
Won two times Gold at International dressage tournaments
ZZ Dressage Champion with 13 x 8 for her performance
4 European Champions in her bloodlines
Selected for the National Championship, National Keur reserve Champion of the Netherlands at the age of 21
Her oldest daughter was 3rd at the Provincial and National performance
Her second daughter was Champion at the National performance of the 3/4 year old mares
Champion and Day-Champion at the Provincial performance
Her grandfather is the famous RAMZES
Fritz Ligges won an olympic bronze medal with Ramzes in 1984 in the USA
Currently present in the pedigree of champion top-stallions that can be found in nearly all the German studbooks

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